Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Do you have a passion to learn the Quran but dont have the time for it or cant find a good Quran school where you live? Or you reside in the region where the next Quran School is far from the house or the classes are at odd hours that dont conform to your personal […]

Building the Young Muslims Faith through Online Quran Lessons

Partaking in Quran lessons is an obligation of every Muslim and the responsibility of the parents and the Muslim Ummah in ensuring that the new generations of Muslims are taught the right Quran lessons to help them grow in the faith of Islam, carry the banner and partake in daawah as they mature into adult […]

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To successfully earn extra money online, now you don’t own to work hard so smart. Today, everyone is often trying their hands over internet. It is tranquil difficult to compete since the competition is on the growth. Gone are the days when a mere few people were keen on internet marketing business. If you happen […]